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Saturdays at the Rialto

From the age of about five, until I was probably fifteen, going to the Rialto Movie Theatre on Saturday mornings is one of my fondest memories of Orlando.  For 9 cents (later 14 cents and even later, a quarter).  Here’s what we got for that now bargain price (it actually was priceless), a double feature movie, usually two westerns or two comedies ( my western favorite was the Durango Kid, closely followed by Lash Larue, who I met several years later at the Orlando Fair (Can you say James E. Strates Shows?) , while for comedy, the Bowery Boys and Abbott and Costello were tops.  But that’s not all.  Throw in a continuing serial like Buck Rodgers or Zorro, with the hero always in grave jeopardy at the end of each episode, a cartoon, a news reel, coming attractions, and for most of those years, a live talent show brought to the theatre by Jack’s Cookies.  What more could a kid in small town Orlando ask for?

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Orlando Senior High School 1943 Yearbook - Advertisers
A photo of Walter Menges store at 206 North Orange Avenue is featured on this page along with advertisements for Johnson's Furnishings...
Orlando Senior High School 1943 Yearbook - Advertisers
A photo of a group of students is featured on this page in an advertisement for Rutland's clothing store. There are also...
1947 Orlando Senior High School Yearbook - Advertisers pg. 151
Businesses featured in the advertisements on page 151 in the 1947 Orlando Senior High School yearbook include: Florida State Theatres of Orange...
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Orlando Senior High School 1942 Yearbook - part 6

Orlando Senior High School 1942 yearbook - The Tigando  Part 6: Advertisements through autographs.


Businesses and names mentioned: Jo Ann's Ice Cream Store, Orlando Homes Company, Colonial Gardens, College Park, Bowling Center of Orlando, Goodbread's, W. T. Grant Co. - Department Store, Johnson Electric Co., Mangel's  Feminine Apparel, Bishop Office Equipment Co., Diana Shops, Ivey's Pharmacy, Peggie Hale Feminine Apparel, McElroy's Pharmacy, Darling Shop, Datson Dairies, Inc., Clover Leaf Diary Farms, Colonial Drug Store, Orlando Seed Company, Lawton's Jewelry Store, Paul W. Heasley, D.D.S., Wilson Shoe Store, Lerner Shop Feminine Apparel, O'Neal-Branch Company, Inc., Sanlando Springs Tropical Park, San Juan Hotel, J. C. Penney Co., Mather Wiley Co., McHere Investment Co., Orlando Coca Cola Bottling Company, Economy Cabs, Yellow Cabs, Falls Studio, Avalon Pharmacy, Duval Jewelry Company, McNutt Heasley Realtors, Robert E. Dittrich, Rutlands, Florida State Theatres of Orange County, Beacham Theatre, Vogue Theatre, Rialto Theatre, Roxy Theatre, Colony Theatre, Foote and Davies.


Students autographs: (some not readable)  Netsy  Lee  Butt, Jerry, Bob Futenwider De Molay, Nimrod Webb, Cleve Atkins, Bill Lehman De Molay, Conner?, Robin Hill, Jimmy Hicks, Helen Br___, Dotty Jones, Dottie, Dott Lott, Sally Lou?, Paul, Jack Poe, Paula Vail, Bill Daugherty


Photograph of the first graduating Class of Orlando High School in 1892 - O'Neal Branch advertisement.

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